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Star Student And Star Teacher

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Geary Woolfolk

The Star Student at Douglass for this school year was Geary Ray Woolfolk of homeroom 12-10.  Geary made the highest score of all seniors on the Scholastic aptitude Test during October to December of 1983.


Geary chose his mother, Mrs. B. Woolfolk as his Star Teacher.  As a teacher Mrs. Woolfolk felt that she inspired him to excel, while as a mother, she insisted that he do his homework before anything else.  When asked why he chose his mother for his star teacher, Geary responded, “She emphasized the importance of an education and pushed me in math more than anything, which was one reason for my result of 740 in math.”


Geary and Mrs. Woolfolk attended a luncheon on February 28th, given by the Atlanta Kiwanis Club for the star student and teacher.


Mrs. B. Woolfolk

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Boyce Mullins
Darlene Hunter

Mr. & Miss Yearbook


Miss Douglass 1983-1984
Miss Douglass
Miss Douglass
Miss Douglass


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